May 8th, 2019

Before this past year, I lived in La Crosse, Wisconsin for 15 years playing music locally and professionally.  I was privileged to be a huge part of an remarkable and supportive music scene with some heavy and talented players.  I played guitar and trombone, and sang in many bands spanning genres of Funk, Jazz, Jam Band, Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Americana, and more.  La Crosse will always be a home in my heart.  I am currently based out of Denver, Colorado focusing on the acoustic guitar and honing in mandolin.   

I spent September 2018 in New York City and wrote 20 songs in 20 days, uploading my daily performance of what I just wrote to YouTube.  In October I went to Europe and picked 12 of the best songs for this project. I also ate my fair share of tiramisu.  I have since been traveling the country and world recording wherever I am able to.  One of the results of this adventure is a Folk/Bluegrass album titled "Morning" where I play all the instruments(bass, lead and rhythm guitar, mandolin, and trombone) excepting some fiddle, a few guest guitar tracks, some guest vocal tracks, and the pedal steel. 

Also since November 2017 I dropped 50 pounds, quit drinking, and got into shape at an athlete level.  I run a lot and I eat healthy now.

I am spending the next 3 months on the road playing shows and working part time as a sound engineer.  You can catch me playing shows across the country from New York City to Idaho either solo or with a full band, and sometimes playing trombone with The People Brothers Band out of Madison, WI.

You can read about my relocation here. For booking, contact

“Over the past four years or so, Palm has really been finding his groove. He’s been getting serious about his songwriting and performing original material, releasing an album in 2014 called “Grand River Station.” His weekly Palm Sundays, which started at least eight years ago, have gotten to be a big summertime attraction, with a cavalcade of musical guests signing on to play the beer garden stage at the Stein Haus. “ -Randy Erickson, La Crosse Tribune


LISTEN- Adam wrote, recorded and uploaded a song every day for 3 weeks in September 2018 while he was in NYC. You can listen to all of them Here